Jul 30

Help! How Can I Monitor My Baby’s Weight?

I was asked this question by a good friend of mine who has recently given birth to her son three weeks ago. Apparently, the doctor told her that it is very important to monitor the weight of any newborns, to ensure they are developing correctly. Not many mothers know how important it is.

She isn’t too familiar with the internet so asked me to look into it for her, to which I obliged.

Apparently, you can book into your local GP if you have any concerns that your baby maybe gaining too much weight or loosing weight. When you have a baby, you do have regular check ups, but if you are a very protective person, you may want to get them weighed more frequently.

There is no limit to the amount of times you can get your baby weighed at the GP however, it may give a few raised eyebrows if you book every two weeks.

The other option is that you get a pair of home scales and weigh yourself holding the baby and take away your body weight to get the final measurement. However, there are some accuracy discrepancies with this, for example if you have just eaten (or been the toilet).

I had a look online for some specific baby scales and there are literally hundreds to choose from. One particular scale I found online was made by a company called Withings. There scales let you monitor your childs weight on an app you download to your smartphone which is really handy. It costs around £160 but, looks like a really good product. I recommended the Withings baby scale to my friend and she decided to buy it.

She absolutely loves, keep track of her little ones weight on her phone! If you would like to hear more about this product drop me an email and I can give you any more information you need.

Till next time!

Gishi x

Jul 27

British Weather

So I have been back home for about a week now from Turkey. I was expecting to come back to classical British weather. However, we have all been pleasantly surprised!

The weather has been hitting 30 degrees in some parts of the UK which has been a great treat! I just hope it lasts!

Anyway, as many people in the UK do not have air conditioning, we generally have to use fans to keep us cold in this type of weather. However, most stores throughout the UK are all sold out!

It is so difficult to sleep in conditions like this, if anyone knows where I can get one from, please let me know!

By the time I end up getting a fan, this lovely weather will be probably be all over and we will be back to putting on our coats ready for the winter haha.

Next week I am going to be starting a new series, reviewing some new products that I have recently bought, now I am back home. I will start off by reviewing the oven I got from Argos before I went on holiday.

If you have any suggestions on what I should review next please send me an email and I will try my best to get it done.

Till next time!

Gishi x

Jul 22

Back Off Holiday

So we are back off holiday now, after two weeks in beautiful Turkey. We stayed in a lovely hotel not far from Marmaris (10 mins walk).

Sorry I haven’t updated the blog as much as I would like but, I will be putting my writing skills to the test over the next few weeks, so you can expect lots of posts and product reviews from me.

If in the meantime you would like to recommend any products that you think would be good for me to review, just send me an email and I will look into it for you.

In case you haven’t been before, here are a few pics of Marmaris bay, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap holiday! :)


If you are thinking of going to Marmaris, and have any questions just drop me an email and I can give you some good recommendations on Hotels, Resteraunts, e.t.c.

Jul 21

Review of the Ingenuity Bouncer/Swing

Review of the Ingenuity Bouncer/Swing, Bought the Ingenuity Baby bouncer the other day for my little one, so I ingenuity baby bouncerthought it would be a good idea to do a review for one of my first posts. I bought the baby bouncer from Mothercare for £79.99, which cam with free UK delivery, which is great!

Bought the Ingenuity Baby bouncer the other day for my little one, so I thought it would be a good idea to do a review for one of my first posts.ingenuity baby bouncer

I bought the baby bouncer from Mothercare for £79.99, which cam with free UK delivery, which is great!

It also comes with gentle rhythms that mimic that of a mothers heartbeat, to put your baby at ease. One of the main things I found with the Ingenuity baby bouncer, is that its battery life is much longer than that of other bouncers I have used.

When I used the bouncer for the first time with my little one, she fell fast asleep in under a minute. I was very impressed. For the price that I paid for the bouncer, I would say that they are certainly worth the money if you are looking to get a decent bouncer for this price.



Jul 20

Welcome to my wonderful blog!

Hello, I am Gishi, Welcome to my new blog!

I have always wanted to start my own blog, but have never had the skills to start one myself!

Now I have got plenty of time on my hands I can afford to dedicate myself to updating this on a regular basis.

I would love it if you would comment on my site and give your opinions on what I am posting.

Thank you,

Gishi x